Wickhambrook Primary Academy

School Uniform

Our school uniform is as follows:

  • Red School Jumper or Cardigan* 
  • White shirt  
  • Tie – clip on 
  • Tailored plain grey trousers, shorts, grey skirt, grey pinafore dress or grey culottes 
  • Red and white checked dresses in summer 
  • Black or grey socks.  White socks may be worn with summer dresses. 
  • Black shoes (Flat sensible, safe shoes or black closed toe sandals). Trainers, heavy or high heeled boots and clogs are not permitted. All footwear must be securely fastened 

Please note children in Year 1 next year (from September 2023) will need to wear a tie.

EYFS pupils as above but NO tie and a white polo shirt instead of a formal shirt.

PE Kit

Our PE kit is as follows:

  • Plain red t-shirt* (with or without school logo) or red polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit for inclement weather* (with or without school logo)
  • Trainers

Our school uniform has been kept simple to avoid any unnecessary expense. We expect all pupils to follow the dress code as written above. All the items above are readily available from the high street. If parents and carers find it difficult to obtain any items, please contact the school office. 

Items marked with a * are available to be purchased from our supplier, Brigade Clothing –www.brigadeuniformdirect.uk.com.

Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniform is available free to a good home, please speak to the office staff if you are looking for something particular.


Pupils should not wear jewellery in school for health and safety reasons. Should a pupil have pierced ears, only plain studs are permitted and, in order to comply with Health and Safety Guidance, must be removed by pupils before all PE activities. Staff are not permitted to remove ear rings. Watches may be worn in school but must be removed before all PE lessons. Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery that is lost.

Make up

No make up, including coloured nail varnish is allowed but clear nail varnish is acceptable.


We recommend that hair should be neat and tidy. Long hair should be tied back during the day for safety and to prevent the spread of conditions such as head lice.