A warm welcome to Robins class.

In Robins we believe we must be happy to be able to learn. To reach our full potential, we always try our best and challenge ourselves. Our class timetable constantly changes throughout the year to adapt to the needs and interests of our class. The first term in Reception class is all about getting to know the children and our topic is called “Marvellous Me”.  The following half-termly topics are based mainly around a story and in addition we have a story of the week too. We love books in Robins and there are so many to explore!

In Robins class we learn through a blend of play, self-initiated activities and directed tasks. A typical day in Robins will involve a Phonic session, a Maths Meeting, ‘Funky Fingers' and Story time for all. The whole class learning time increases throughout the year. The classroom in set up so children have access to whatever they want to play with and a curiosity approach is encouraged. We have the option of free-flow to our outside area and also have a sand tray, a water tray, painting, craft trolley, book corner, home corner, small world and block play available at all times within the class. When we are learning during carpet time and  working at a task, we work hard, listen carefully and always try our best!

Thank you for visiting the “rocking” Robins class page.