We have a range of interesting and exciting topics throughout the year, from 'The Great Fire of London' to 'The Rainforest'.   Our key questions are: ‘What makes a friend’, ‘How do we keep safe’ and ‘Who lives in this house’?

Coming up from Reception, the children are introduced to a slightly more formal setting while still instilling a love of learning, with lots of opportunities to work in a practical and collaborative way.

A typical day in Hedgehogs class includes English, mathematics, topic work, spelling practice, phonics and maths meetings. Children have P.E. twice a week, once taught by the class teacher and once taught by qualified P.E instructor whose expertise include games, gymnastics and dance. 

Your child's reading book can be changed once a week on a Tuesday.  Please make sure it is put in the green tray in the morning.  Your child will be heard to read regularly at school, either individually or as part of a group, so please ensure their reading books and reading records are in their bags every day.