In Foxes class we have three main approaches to our learning which our class mascot instils in us:

  • Believe in yourself!
  • To have a go
  • Try your best

We know that for us to reach our full potential, we must always try our best and challenge ourselves.

A typical day in Foxes includes an early morning activity whilst we self register, this enables us to settle to work as soon as we are at school; an english lesson, grammar or reading or a written task; maths; a topic lesson, either geography, history, art or science based.  Alongside these main sessions we also have Times Table Rock Stars where we rock and roll our times table knowledge with 'Coral Spatula'; maths meetings and grammar meetings, which are great fun... who knew you could rap to remember prefixes!

This term, children will bring home spelling rules to learn and research words that match it, reading comprehension, a maths and grammar piece of homework. Alongside this, children are asked to read and then choose an activity from their reading journal to complete and are encouraged to write in their personal writing journal.