The Prevent Duty, published by the Government in June 2015, is a national initiative to safeguard children and young people against radicalisation.

At Wickhambrook  Primary Academy, staff are fully aware of the importance of the Prevent Duty. They are aware of the procedures we have in place to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. These arrangements include:

  • Assessing the risk of radicalisation
  • The development of an action plan
  • Staff training to enable recognition of radicalisation and understanding of risk
  • Working in partnership with other agencies
  • Understanding referral routes and possible interventions – enabling staff to implement their duty effectively
  • A member of staff designated as Prevent Lead who will oversee the academy’s implementation of Prevent

The risk of radicalisation is seen as a safeguarding issue. Vulnerable children and young people may be targeted in the same way as other areas of risk such as on-line abuse and sexual exploitation.

The Prevent Duty is included in our Safeguarding Policy – reviewed and adopted by Governors in December 2015. The lead member of staff for Prevent is Mrs Kerry Taylor(Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead).

Prevent forms part of our Safeguarding Policy, available HERE

The school's Risk Assessment/Action Plan, assessing the risk of radicalisation is available upon request.